As part of Delta Sky Club’s commitment to highlighting local, emerging chefs through its Local Flavor program, the JFK T4-A Club will feature the work of Elyssa Heller, founder and CEO of Edith’s Eatery & Grocery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Guests of the T4-A Club can enjoy Elyssa’s takes on Jewish deli staples like brisket hash […]

A modern Jewish restaurant heads to JFK airport

It’s been a big year for Edith’s, the modern Jewish restaurant that opened and then closed a full-service restaurant in Williamsburg, before announcing plans to expand the business across the city. The latest development takes its owner, Elyssa Heller, to John F. Kennedy International Airport. Starting on July 25, Heller will serve Edith’s brisket sandwiches […]

New Kid on the Block: Edith’s Sandwich Counter

Taking up residence during the quiet hours at Tiny’s is Edith’s Sandwich Counter, a to-go only setup in the doorway of the restaurant on West Broadway serving breakfast and lunch daily, Monday to Friday.

Edith’s will take up weekday residency at Tiny’s

The Edith’s mystery is solved. A couple readers and I have been brainstorming to figure out which space the popular BEC BK sandwich stop was taking — but turns out they are instead moving into Tiny’s during the day, Eater reports. 

The most underrated restaurant in NYC?

The most underrated restaurant right now is a place I’ve been absolutely loving. It’s called Edith Sandwich Counter. It is fantastic. I call it, like, hipster Jewish food. It’s supposed to, like, remind you of, like, old school Jewish food and old school Jewish vibes, but definitely with, like, a new twist and, like, everything […]

The Bakers Reimagining Traditional Jewish Pastries

THE SCHNECKEN AT Edith’s A Jewish deli in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, gleam with sugary glaze or drip with buttery icing, depending on the day. Sometimes the coiled pastries, named after the German word for snail, ooze globs of blueberry-sumac jam or shed honey-walnut crumbles. Once, ube (a purple yam from the Philippines) was added to the […]

Where to Eat Brunch in New York City

Edith’s Eatery & Grocery opened in Williamsburg last year, bringing a Jewish restaurant, bakery, delicatessen, and grocery store to the neighborhood all in one. For the purposes of this guide, it’s also a pretty pleasant place to sit down with a plate of pastrami and eggs or cheesy syrniki pancakes during brunch. Be sure to […]

The Best Drinks Our Editors Had This Year – Food & Wine

Iced Café at Edith’s (Brooklyn, New York) “This super refreshing, Brooklyn-viral slushie of tahini, oat milk, and cold brew is the best thing I drank this year, just like it was last year, when Edith’s Sandwich Counter opened up a few blocks from my apartment. There have been weeks where I drink it every day, […]

13 Great BECs In NYC – The Infatuation

Everything at Edith’s is a made with a bit of flair. Their house pastrami sandwich comes smothered special sauce and sauerkraut, and they have a signature coffee-tahini slushy that’s essentially a breakfast milkshake. You should come for both of those things, but the headliner here is the BEC&L. As the name hints, this sandwich comes […]

30 Restaurants That Define Williamsburg Right Now – NY Eater

After a pandemic-era bagel pop-up led to a permanent sandwich counter, owner Elyssa Heller expanded with this full-service restaurant. Made to look like a cozy general store, Edith’s offers a casual, all-day menu of chicken schnitzel, chopped salad with pickled mackerel, flaky malawach bread, and seasonal frosties, like a coffee with tahini that can be […]