The Best Drinks Our Editors Had This Year – Food & Wine

Iced Café at Edith’s (Brooklyn, New York) “This super refreshing, Brooklyn-viral slushie of tahini, oat milk, and cold brew is the best thing I drank this year, just like it was last year, when Edith’s Sandwich Counter opened up a few blocks from my apartment. There have been weeks where I drink it every day, […]

13 Great BECs In NYC – The Infatuation

Everything at Edith’s is a made with a bit of flair. Their house pastrami sandwich comes smothered special sauce and sauerkraut, and they have a signature coffee-tahini slushy that’s essentially a breakfast milkshake. You should come for both of those things, but the headliner here is the BEC&L. As the name hints, this sandwich comes […]

30 Restaurants That Define Williamsburg Right Now – NY Eater

After a pandemic-era bagel pop-up led to a permanent sandwich counter, owner Elyssa Heller expanded with this full-service restaurant. Made to look like a cozy general store, Edith’s offers a casual, all-day menu of chicken schnitzel, chopped salad with pickled mackerel, flaky malawach bread, and seasonal frosties, like a coffee with tahini that can be […]

Newish Jewish, at Kossar’s and Beyond – The New Yorker

On a recent morning at Edith’s Eatery & Grocery, in Williamsburg, a full-service restaurant that evolved from a pandemic pop-up, I counted three babies. The daytime-only menu explores the Jewish diaspora: Russian pancakes, exceptionally fluffy with farmer’s cheese; Romanian steak and eggs; malawach, a flaky Yemeni Jewish flatbread. On the shelves, which enclose café tables […]

The Best Brunch In NYC – The Infatuation

With its chalkboard accents and wood-paneled ceiling, this daytime cafe in Williamsburg looks like it’s been around for at least 75 years. When you walk inside, you’ll think you’re entering a classic Brooklyn establishment—despite the fact that this place opened in 2022. But maybe Edith’s will be a classic one day. We wouldn’t be surprised. […]

The 15 Hottest New Restaurants in Brooklyn, July 2022 – Eater NY

Eater editors get asked one question more than any other: Where should I eat right now? While many people still consider Manhattan the locus of New York’s dining scene, some neighborhoods in Brooklyn have become dining destinations in their own right. Here, see a map of the latest Brooklyn debuts drawing NYC’s dining obsessives. Edith’s […]

The Brooklyn Hit List: The Best New Restaurants In Brooklyn – The Infatuation

Does Williamsburg need a new brunch destination? Not really. But it has one, and we’re glad. Edith’s Eatery is the latest spot from the people behind Edith’s Sandwich Counter (which started as a pop-up at Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint), and it’s part cafe, part grocery store. You can grab a table up front and eat near a row of […]

15 NYC Brunch Spots Worth Planning the Weekend Around – Eater NY

There’s an endless array of brunch spots in the five boroughs, serving up buttery pancakes, cheesy egg sandwiches, crackly fried chicken, and steaming bowls of congee. But when it comes to making plans for brunch, a meal that can sometimes require two extra-strength Advil, the last thing on anyone’s mind is a fight about where […]